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Certified Flooring Inspections

Certified flooring inspectors are independent professionals that inspect a variety of flooring problems. The most common flooring problems include:

I serve the areas of Central Florida including Ocala and The Villages.

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Who hires a flooring inspector?

Consumers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Dealers, Builders, Contractors, Attorneys, Installers and anyone who would like to know the exact reason the floor failed. Only the commissioning party have the results revealed to them.

When would I need a flooring inspector?

Whenever a consumer has a problem with their flooring, the first thing to do is contact the dealer where the flooring was purchased. Someone should come out and determine if the manufacturer needs to send an inspector to the home or business. At that point an inspector will determine exactly what the fault or failure is.


What if I disagree with the findings?

As a consumer you may want to hire a certified flooring inspector to verify the previous inspection. Consumers and retailers may feel that the first findings are biased, so they call for an additional inspection.




How much does a flooring inspection cost?

The price can be determined over the phone depending on the product, the time involved, and your location. My inspections are unbiased and you will have the determining factors in writing. This will give you peace of mind and can also be used for litigation if needed.

Pre Flooring Inspections & Site Inspections

The dealer or the consumer may want to have a sub floor pre inspected. Builders or Architects may need a site inspection either before or after a project is completed.

I test the concrete with a Tramex CME moisture meter, record and provide a written statement of the results. I provide the consumer with a copy of the manufactures maintenance policies, and the installer with the proper guidelines on installation because every manufacture has somewhat different guidelines and you must go by these guidelines of the product you use. In some cases the consumer is installing the product and they will need this information before they attempt to install on their own.